Brian Vincent Monaco

Title: Business Development Manager of Mining, Construction, and Regional Rentals

Company: DEUTZ Corporation

Location: Georgia

Education: Associate in Mechanics and Repair, Nashville Auto Diesel College (2006)

Career History: Business Development Manager, Construction, Mining, & Regional Rental, DEUTZ Corporation (2021-Present); Failure Analysis Supervisor, DEUTZ Corporation (2018-2021); Warranty Process Technician, DEUTZ Corporation (2016-2018); Engine/Production Quality Management, DEUTZ Corporation (2011-2016); Engine Technician, DEUTZ Corporation (2007-2011)

Brian Vincent Monaco, Business Development Manager at DEUTZ Corporation, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the fields of mechanics, machinery, and administration.

Mr. Monaco gravitated toward his profession while in high school, where he developed a passion for working in mechanics. He knew it made for a lucrative career with job stability and so he stayed on the path. Additionally, his parents were integral in shaping his success by teaching him to be independent, self-sufficient, and hardworking, as well as being supportive of his interests since childhood. In his academic pursuits, he earned an Associate in Applied Science in Mechanics and Repair at Nashville Auto-Diesel College in 2006 before joining DEUTZ Corporation, the world’s oldest diesel company, the following year.

For the first few years, Mr. Monaco served as an engine technician before advancing to the division of engine and production quality management from 2011 to 2016. He then excelled as a warranty process technician from 2016 to 2018 and failure analysis supervisor from 2018 to 2021. Having proved himself time and time again as a leader at the company—he was instrumental in streamlining its time-consuming shipping and analysis process—he has since found success as the business development manager of construction, mining, and regional rental. In this position, he is responsible for mining segments in a wide range of areas, from Canada to South America.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Monaco aspires to continue making a difference at the company and rising to the position of senior business development manager. In his free time, he enjoys working on cars and playing music. Prior to being recognized among Marquis Emerging Leaders, his skills in the field were honored when he received a Craftsman Award while a student at college. While driven and dedicated with a strong work ethic, Mr. Monaco hopes to be remembered for being funny and easy to be around.

Todd Williams


Title: Owner

Company: Williams Service Center, Tire and Alignment

Location: Iuka, MS

Career History: Owner, Williams Service Center, Tire and Alignment, 1995-Present;

Owner, Farm Ranch-Cattle

Todd Williams, Owner of Williams Service Center, Tire and Alignment, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field auto repair shop.

It was a turn of fortune for Mr. Williams when he graduated high school in 1995, the same year his father bought out the auto shop. Since then, he has worked at and become the owner of the Williams Service Center, Tire and Alignment. His business is a full-service gas shop (regular and diesel) and tire and repair shop, including front-end alignment and oil changes. Mr. Williams specializes in all things car care and maintenance.

The career highlight that stands out the most for Mr. Williams is being successful and self-employed. In this respect, he gets to choose how much time he is willing to put in. He knows his success is based on how much he puts into the business and how well he takes care of his clients. In addition to working at his auto repair shop, Mr. Williams enjoys his time spent at his cattle ranch.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Williams endeavors to retire from the store and work at his cattle farm full-time. He also wants to see more of the country such as Niagara Falls in New York. Community-driven, he donates to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital and to the Little League, and proudly sponsors local schools.

Jason Michael Miles


Title: Owner and Operator

Company: Detail by Miles

Location: Tigard, OR

Career History: Owner/ Operator, Detail by Miles (2017-Present);

With, Various Automotive Dealerships, Parts Departments and Body Shops, Portland, OR (15 Years)

Jason Michael Miles, Owner and Operator of Detail by Miles, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field.

While working for a previous employer, Mr. Miles spent his free time providing automotive details for a professional football player. It was this experience, along with the sense of pride and accomplishment he received from completing this project, that inspired him to start his own business. While he excels in providing automotive detailing to all vehicles, he also greatly enjoys detailing classic and exotics cars. An avid gearhead from the time he was young, one he has always liked automobiles is because vehicles always have an obvious and binary indicator as to what is wrong.

Mr. Miles is guided by the words of Sir Henry Royce, “Strive for perfection.” These words, along with his natural committed work ethic and perseverance are large factors in his success. Among the wide range of services he provides, he excels in automotive detailing, painting, windshield repair and restoration. Detail by Miles is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and certified Jade 9H ceramic coating installer. He feels most accomplished when his clients describe their love and appreciation of his work. As a member of his community, he maintains affiliation with the local Chamber of Commerce.

Details by Miles


R. Timothy “Tim” Lockhart, TT Master


Title: Caterpillar Field Service

Company: Thompson Cat

Location: Cullman, AL

Career History: Master Mechanic, Caterpillar Field Service, Thompson Cat, (26 years);

Master Mechanic, Volvo

R. Timothy Lockhart, Caterpillar Field Service at Thompson Cat, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of master mechanics.

Mr. Lockhart has served as a mechanic since he was 15 years old, and began his foray into the field much earlier than that as he tinkered and learned to fix various things growing up. At 15, he got his first real job; working for a company that rented out the property from his grandfather.  He began with this company working on oil rigs and continued providing this service in the ensuing years, getting the opportunity to work on oil rigs all over the United States. From there, he translated his talents to work with mining equipment and started his tenure with Caterpillar. Through his hard work and dedication, Mr. Lockhart built a reputation of being number one and number two in the business.

For more than 26 years, Mr. Lockhart has provided his skills and expertise with Thomson Cat. In his line of work, he works on offshore ships and on building engines offshore. Due to his experience, he trains other mechanics in the job and is entrusted to install gas lines. Looking toward the future, he endeavors to train new and existing mechanics. He attributes his success to mentoring a lot of people especially young mechanics.

Troy Michael Harmon


Title: Journeyman Boilermaker

Company: Boilermakers Union

Location: Bonne Terre, MO

Career History: Boilermaker, Local 27 Union Hall, St. Louis MO, (Through different contractors), (1995-Present)

Troy Michael Harmon, Journeyman Boilermaker at Boilermakers Union, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field.

Mr. Harmon had been working in a factory when his father informed him about the field of boiler making and the possibilities within that industry. Once he got his feet wet, he knew there was no other path for him in life as it allowed him to travel all over the country. He began working in the field in 1995 and soon found one of the best things to come out of the job was the camaraderie and the lessons learned by the people who have been at the job for much longer than he has. In addition to working as a boilermaker, Mr. Harmon has explored his creative passions in the form of writing. He began writing book s in 1998 and has found writing to be a rewarding experience and outlet. Additionally, Mr. Harmon has written poetry.

Mr. Harmon’s day-to-day responsibilities include repairing boilers and ensuring everyone has electricity; servicing power plants, nuclear power plants, refineries, and paper mills and providing his skills and expertise for different powerhouse companies across the country. With more than 25 years of experience, he has consistently ensured the public remains secured in their energy provisions. In his line of work he has received many accolades, but defines his most notable achievement as the more than 25 years on the job as a boilermaker, Local 27 Union Hall. He is also proud of being recognized as a Poet of the Year.