Kevin Prior

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: 3 Pointe Solar Inc.

Location: Annapolis, MD

Education: Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Management/Exercise Physiology, Minor in Business Administration, Adams State University, Alamosa, CO (2005)

Career History: Chief Executive Officer, President, Managing Partner, 3 Pointe Solar, Inc., 3 Pointe LLC, Agricultural Partner with Locus Agricultural Solutions, and Solar Consultant for 8760 Solar, Mosca, CO (2021-Present); President, Owner, IT Consultant, Divine IT and Business Solutions, Inc., Denver, CO and Woodward, OK (2016-Present); Co-owner, S&P Properties LLC and Dunes Ranch, Inc., Mosa, CO (2020-2021); Relationship Manager, Heartland (2020-2021); General Manager, Anytime Fitness, Woodward, OK (2019-2020); Account Manager, Indigo, OK, CO and KS (2019); Sales Expert and Trusted Advisor, Global Technology Resources (2018-2019); Senior Account Executive, VMANIX (2016-2018); Field Account Executive, Insight, Denver, CO (2015-2016); Guardium Sales Specialist, Data Security and Privacy, IBM Security (2014-2015); Corporate Account Executive, SHI International, Denver, CO (2010-2014); Medical Sales Consultant, Cbeyond Communications, Denver, CO (2010-2011); Accounts Manager, Maxim Healthcare Services, Denver, CO and Baton Rouge, LA (2005-2010); With, National and International Solar Sales, Power Zone Equipment, Inc.

Kevin Prior, Chief Executive Officer at 3 Pointe Solar, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the fields of energy and technology.

With an accrued expertise in IT, philanthropy, and solar energy, Mr. Prior has built an accomplished, multi-faceted career as the leader of an organization that strives to educate consumers—homeowners, business administrators, farmers, and ranchers—on solar energy and environmental growth, offset the cost they pay for utility bills, maximize subsidies, and funnel portions of its profits to educational institutions geared toward trade skills in rural areas. Since 2021, he has excelled as the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Managing Partner of 3 Pointe Solar, Inc. as well as an agricultural partner with Locus Agricultural Solutions and a solar consultant for 8760 Solar. He previously served as a sales adviser for Apricot Solar from 2021 to early 2022, a national and international solar sales representative for Power Zone Equipment, Inc. in 2021, co-owner of S&P Properties LLC and Dunes Ranch, Inc. from 2020 to 2021, and a relationship manager at Heartland. In addition, he was active as the general manager of Anytime Fitness; an account manager for Indigo; a sales expert and adviser for Global Technology Resources; a senior account executive for VMANIX; and a field account executive at Insight. Since 2016, he has found success as the president, owner, and IT consultant at Divine IT and Business Solutions, Inc. His other roles have included being a sales specialist at IBM Security, a corporate account executive at SHI International, and an accounts manager at Maxim Healthcare Services.

Outside of his primary responsibilities, Mr. Prior has served as the director of business development for the Warrior Bonfire Program since 2017 and member of the board of directors, and the director of fundraising, for the Colorado Veterans Project and Veterans Passport to Hope since 2016. A lifelong athlete and all-state tournament MVP in high school, he lent his services as an assistant at summer basketball camps at Adams State University, his alma mater, from 2001 to 2005 and boys’ varsity basketball assistant at Sangre de Cristo High School from 2005 to 2007. In fact, he and his future business partners all played point guards in college basketball, leading them to name their company 3 Pointe Solar, Inc. He is also a dedicated volunteer with Compassion International and part of the mentoring program at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America—and, in 2014, wrote an article, “Forward Progress: How the Denver Broncos Really Play Defense,” for SC Magazine.

Growing up, Mr. Prior was greatly shaped by his parents; his mother, Gay, was a special education and physical education teacher who was a pioneer in the family as the only one who graduated from college. Her achievement motivated him to complete his education in the midst of his career—he took 24 hours of coursework on top of two full-time jobs and an internship, and ultimately earned a bachelor’s degree in sport and exercise management and physiology, with a minor in business administration, from Adams State University in 2005. The experience of obtaining his degree, he said, developed a strong work ethic in him that propelled the success he achieved in all his professional undertakings. Additionally, his father, John, a Vietnam War veteran and medic, was a key influence in his life whom he saw as his best friend.

Boasting more than 15 years of experience in information technology consulting and renewable energy services, and the ability to defy the odds through his winning attitude, Mr. Prior aspires to maintain his health and give back to his community in a variety of ways in the future. He plans on utilizing a five-acre stretch of land he owns to educate people on agriculture and bring people together by collaborating with other entities that help families and business owners.



Brian E. Stoyer

Title: Owner

Company: Fix Your Divot Golf Accessories LLC

Location: Pennsylvania

Education: Coursework in Accounting

Career History: Owner, Fix Your Divot Golf Accessories LLC (2017-Present); CNC Programming Leader, Machinist (39 Years)

Brian E. Stoyer, Owner at Fix Your Divot Golf Accessories LLC, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the fields of machinery and technology.

For nearly 40 years, Mr. Stoyer established himself as a dedicated and highly skilled machinist whose career spanned several positions and two major companies. Initially just looking for a decent job, he launched his professional journey at the largest oil well company in his area and spent 10 years there until the plant closed down. Finding the work fulfilling and interesting, he transferred his abilities to another company, where he operated CNC machines and served as a CNC programming leader on projects for several outside organizations, including the Joy Manufacturing Company, the auto industry, and NASA—for whom he and his colleagues built a rocket. He had developed a mastery of machinery and manufacturing, but was eventually forced into retirement—during which time he became a passionate golfer.

However, even on the green, Mr. Stoyer’s innovative mindset never stopped. In fact, it was while golfing that he thought up the invention of a putter-mounted divot tool, the trusty device for players whose hard swings hit the ground before making contact with the ball or whose golf balls leave a mark when it lands. Generally, the divot tools—which are used to level the green to where it was before a golfer’s impact—are carried separately, usually in the golf cart. By having the divot tool attach to the base of one’s putter, he thought, a golfer’s day is made less frustrating and much easier, and the golf courses themselves would save money on maintenance and be of much better quality overall. He first took his invention to the course, and, excited by the response it got, ultimately acquired a patent pending for it. Since 2017, he has been operating his own business, Fix Your Divot Golf Accessories LLC—through which he provides a variety of customized divot tools, as well as ball markers, balls, towels, and tee bags.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Stoyer hopes that his invention will be sold in stores nationwide. Outside of his main endeavors, he also served for three years on the board of directors for the Venango Museum of Art, Science and Industry, which is based in Oil City, Pennsylvania. In his free time, he enjoys taking part in woodworking and crafting.


Fix Your Divot Golf Accessories LLC

Shahzib Sarfraz

Title: Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Driven Software Solutions

Location: Georgia

Education: Pursuing Master in Analytics, Georgia Institute of Technology (2021-Present); MBA, Kennesaw State University (2021); MS in Information Systems, Kennesaw State University (2021); BS in Software Engineering, Kennesaw State University, Summa Cum Laude, with Highest Honors (2019); Software Engineering Intern, Chick-fil-A, CFA Properties, Inc. (2017); AS in Computer Science, Georgia State University, Honors Graduate (2016)

Career History: Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Driven Software Solutions (2019-Present); Software Engineer, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. (2019-Present); Freelance Android/IOS Application Developer (2015-Present); Software Engineer Co-op, JDA Software (Now Blue Yonder Group, Inc.) (2018-2019); Sales Technician, iFixandRepair (2017-2018); Software Engineering and Web Developer, GovtPortal, LLC/Flat Rate Processing (2017)

Shahzib Sarfraz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Driven Software Solutions, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the fields of software and engineering.

Guided by an early passion for hacking, engineering, and fixing broken electronics and technology, Mr. Sarfraz has built an accomplished career in his field, which has culminated in becoming a software engineer at Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. and the founder and chief executive officer at Driven Software Solutions since 2019. At the latter company, among several other responsibilities, he develops applications—including table-ordering kiosks at restaurants—in order to help his clients manage their customer traffic, as well as ensures the growth of business and development by making infrastructure, technology, and strategy decisions.

Prior to these positions, Mr. Sarfraz launched his career as a software engineer and web developer for Government Portal, as part of Flat Rate Processing in 2017, a sales technician at iFixandRepair from 2017 to 2018, and a software engineer co-op at JDA Software from 2018 to 2019. Additionally, since 2015, he has found success as a freelance Android and IOS application developer; he has created apps currently available on the Google Play store. Always a dedicated student, he earned an Associate in Science from Georgia State University in 2016; a Bachelor of Science in software engineering from Kennesaw State University in 2019; a Master of Science in information systems and a Master of Business Administration from Kennesaw in 2021; and is now pursuing a master’s degree in analytics from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In the next five years, Mr. Sarfraz strives to continue to develop and expand his business—to other states and then eventually obtain a global reach. He also wants to keep giving back to his community in Georgia, primarily by mentoring undergraduate students and providing internships.


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Honor Society Recognition

Junaid Khan

Title: Director of Cyber Security

Company: Potomac Economics

Location: Sterling, VA

Career History: Private Consultancy Firm;

Director of Cyber Security & Network Engineering, Potomac Economics (2019-Present);

Senior Information Security Engineer, OnDeck (2019);

Senior Security Architect, HMSHost (2018-2019);

Senior Security Engineer, Verizon (2017-2018);

Lead Security Engineer, TruShield Security Solutions (2016-2017);

Administrator, Network Systems and Security, Childrens Hospital Association (2014-2016);

Firewall Engineer, Aetna (2014);

Senior Network Engineer, Apogee Inc. (2013-2014);

Network Security Engineer, Zajil International Telecom (2009-2013);

Technical Support Engineer, Computer Data Networks W.L.L. (2007-2009);

Network Technician, Directorate General of Civil Aviation Kuwait (DGCA, 2005-2007)

Junaid Khan, Director of Cyber Security at Potomac Economics, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of Cyber and Information Security.

Mr. Khan decided to pursue a career in technology after seeing the success his father and uncle had working in the field. Growing up surrounded by computers and exposure to different technologies was exciting to him, and helped pique his interest in following suit. This nascent love for technology has helped him throughout his career, and in his current position as the Director of Cyber Security for Potomac Economics. He has served in this role since 2019. Prior to this, Mr. Khan worked in various information security, network systems, and engineering roles. Such as with OnDeck, HMShost, Verizon, TruShield Security Solutions, the Children’s Hospital Association, Aetna, Apogee Inc., Zajil International Telecom and Computer Data Networks W.L.L, among other companies.

One of Mr. Khan’s earliest positions was as a Network Technician for the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Kuwait, a role which he started in 2005. Since then, he has expanded his skill set and leadership capabilities and was recognized for his outstanding work with the Top 50 Information Security Award from the OnCon Icon Awards at the OnConference in 2021. Mr. Khan has always gone above and beyond in his career to help others and has received a number of certifications in order to address the wide range of needs and requests in his line of work. He is certified in Risk and Information Systems Controls (CRISC) through ISACA; certified as an Information Security Manager (CISM) through ISACA; as a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCPS); as a Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute; and as an AWS Certified Security Specialty from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Furthermore, he holds certifications from Cylance Inc., Palo Alto Networks, AlienVault, Cisco, EC-Council, AXELOS Global Best Practice, and SolarWinds.

Mr. Khan can speak multiple languages. He is proud of his work on the SIEM Optimization Project with JP Morgan Chase and Data Center migration for the Children’s Hospital Association, but considers his most notable achievements to be his contributions within his industry to encourage and mentor young people to enter cyber security. Looking toward the future, Mr. Khan would like to grow his own private consultancy firm in the near future. Additionally, he would like to continue to mentor others and support growth within his industry.

Austin P. Brown

Title: Data Analyst for Facebook Gaming

Company: Facebook

Location: Fresno, California, United States

Education: BA, in 3D Animation, Cogswell University of Silicon Valley (Formerly Cogswell College), San Jose, 2008-2013

Career History: Data Analyst for Facebook Gaming, Public Content Creator Onsite, Facebook, PRO Unlimited Contract, 2 years;

Moderation Manager, Roblox, 2020-2021;

Quality Reviewer Lead, PRO Unlimited Contract, 2018-2020;

Data Analyst, eTeam, 2017-2018;

Co-founder, FrankenBacon Studios, 2014-Present;

Remote Video Editor, Shmoop University, 2014-2017;

Comic Artist, Tristar Software, LLC, 2013-2017;

Lead Caricature Artist, Kaman’s Art Shoppe, 2009-2014

Austin Brown, Data Analyst for Facebook Gaming, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of technology.

Mr. Brown attended the Cogswell University of Silicon Valley, which was a digital art school that majored in 3D animation. From there, he found his way to working for a website called which paved his path to his current career. was a website providing educational content, and the experience he gained in this venture lead to an opportunity to work with Youtube in their content moderation department. Facebook. Mr. Brown joined Facebook as a Data Analyst for Facebook Gaming, and is also involved as a Public Content Creator Onsite for Facebook with a PRO Unlimited Contract. In addition to his work with Facebook and Youtube, he is proud of his time with Roblox.

One of the unique qualities of Mr. Brown’s work is the ever-changing field. One of his favorite aspects is the live streaming area. Looking towards the future, he would like to continue working in the same field because he sees a lot of potential for cloud gaming and mainstreamers coming into the market. Mr. Brown loves his work and endeavors to grow with the field and be a part of its development. Some of the creative projects he has been involved with include The Bacon Connection in 2014 and Driven in 2013.

In his daily responsibilities, Mr. Brown provides video game analysis For Facebook gaming platforms through testing which includes instant games and game streaming. He collaborates on research projects in order to improve the user experience on the gaming platform. What aids Mr. Brown’s success is the creativity he brings to the table into the technical field and being empathetic.

Shivkumar Kaushik Murthy


Title: Co-Founder

Company: S-star Technologies

Location: Richmond, IN

Education: MS, Electrical Engineering, University of Central Florida, FL, 2017;

BS, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, 2014

Career History: Co-founder, S-Star Technologies, 2015 – present;

Distribution Engineer, KCI Technologies, FL, 2018 – present;

Type of Business: Engineering

Shivkumar Kaushik Murthy, Co-Founder of S-star Technologies, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of engineering.

Mr. Murthy was inspired to go into his career path due to a simple question a professor asked. He decided to look into the problem, and realized there were many things that he could work on to improve the face mask technology. He co-founded S-Star Technologies in 2015 and currently works with Shane Singh, Akash Gajjar, and Andre Childs. In this venture, they are working on re-designing N95 masks which can be used by medical professionals, firefighters, first responders and the general population as well. In addition to providing his skills and services to this cause, Mr. Murthy has serves as a distribution engineer for KCI Technologies since 2018.

With a burgeoning career ahead, Mr. Murthy has also received awards and accolades for contributions thus far. He has received a National Joust Award and in 2016 won First Place by I-corp. He prepared for a career in engineering by first earning a Bachelor of Science from Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College in 2014. He continued at the University of Central Florida to earn a Master of Science in electrical engineering in 2017. Mr. Murthy attributes his success to hard work, dedication and persistence. He has remained very dedicated and diligent in solving the problems with N95 masks. Looking towards the future, Mr. Murthy plans on his business operations to scale throughout the entire United States within the next five years.