Kevin Cregge

Title: Director of eCommerce

Company: New West Records

Location: Athens, GA

Education: BA in Advertising and Music Business, University of Georgia (2016)

Career History: Director of eCommerce, New West Records (2020-Present);

Manager of eCommerce & Fulfillment, New West Records, (2017-2020);

Intern, New West Records (2016);

Production Assistant, Pandora (2016);

Production Intern, Georgia Theatre (2015);

Intern, Wildwood Revival (2015)

Kevin Cregge, Director of eCommerce at New West Records, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of entertainment and sales.

Passionate about the music industry, customer service, sales, and working with artists, Mr. Cregge has excelled at New West Records—an Athens, Georgia-based independent record label that encompasses the genres of Americana, indie rock, and alternative country—since 2016. He began as an intern at the label for a year before becoming the Manager of eCommerce and Fulfillment from 2017 to 2020, at which point he was promoted to the Director of eCommerce. In his role, he takes care of everything that relates to the consumers; he oversees the shipping and receiving of products, manages inventory, coordinates with distributors on new releases and catalogs, utilizes Shopify and Bandcamp, works with bands on getting materials signed as additional incentives for fans, runs subscription programs, and is currently working on international components as well.

Guided by a great team and a strong mentor in his supervisor, Mike Fabio, Mr. Cregge has had many achievements over the course of his career—even against the odds of 2020. With the advent of the pandemic, bands stopped touring and the music industry changed completely; however, New West Records enjoyed one of its most successful years, in large part due to his established consumer channel and quick ability to turn the label into a more online selling-focused business—which was an advantage over their peers. Despite all the challenges that COVID-19 brought, he and the label wound up surpassing their goals and keeping the engine running. As he continues, he hopes to explore other aspects of the industry and apply that new knowledge to his current job. Outside of his primary endeavors, he is involved in Nuci’s Space, a nonprofit organization that serves to prevent suicide and help those suffering from mental illnesses; with a focus on musicians, it provides as a space for them to access care and education. He is also a devoted member of the Americana Music Association. Looking toward the future, Mr. Cregge would love to one day manage artists and develop one-on-one relationships with them within his own label.

Prior to working at the record label, Mr. Cregge gained experience as an intern at Wildwood Revival, a production intern at the Georgia Theatre, and a production assistant at Pandora. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in advertising and music business from the University of Georgia, graduating magna cum laude in 2016. More than anything, though, his best preparation for his career was digging through his dad’s records as a kid, admiring the album artwork, listening to the music, and researching the histories of all those bands he loved.

Dario DiMaggio

Title: International Sales Manager

Company: Kurz Instruments, Inc.

Location: Monterey, CA

Education: MPC in Electronics, St. Mary University

Career History: International Sales Manager/Europe/Middle East Sales Director, Kurz Instruments Inc. (1984-Present)

Dario DiMaggio, International Sales Manager at Kurz Instruments, Inc., has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of sales.

Driven by adventure since he was young, Mr. DiMaggio has served as the international sales manager at Kurz Instruments, Inc. for more than 35 years—a role  through which he monitors a group of sales application engineers, and designs and sells equipment to resolve issues across Europe and the Middle East. Beginning at the company in 1984, he has maintained a close working relationship with its president and founder—and his personal mentor—Dr. Jerome Kurz, and first established himself as a designer, operator, installer, and repairer of its innovative devices and applications, even traveling to Africa to work on projects and implement the instrumentation. It was a natural process for him to start selling the devices.

Among his numerous projects over the course of four decades, Mr. DiMaggio considers his most important to be upgrading and redesigning old systems for nuclear power plants, as well as creating equipment and tools to help monitor CO2 emissions. In regards to his work ethic, he has been able to set himself apart from others through his aggressive drive to complete tasks and tendency to go above and beyond to educate himself. He still has the same enthusiasm for his work as when he was first starting out.

Mr. DiMaggio prepared for his accomplished career by studying electronics at St. Mary University. Outside of his main endeavors, he has lent his expertise to the page, authoring articles for such publications as Nuclear News, International Cement Review, and Hydrocarbon Engineering. As he reaches the end of his career, he plans to go into consulting within his field while also enjoying his hobbies, like painting, traveling, and reading about history. With everything he has done and continues to do, Mr. DiMaggio works under his creed to “Live the best life you can, the happiest life you can; always be positive; [and] believe in your capabilities.”