Ernest Barringer

Title: Retired U.S. Navy Master Chief, Nuclear Services Manager

Company: Mission Support & Test Services, LLC (MSTS)

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Career History: Retired, Nuclear Services Manager, Weapons Testing Site, With, Mission Support & Test Services, LLC (MSTS), North Las Vegas, NV, (2007-2021); Manager, Nuclear Weapons, Pantex Plant (after the Navy-2000); Co-Pastor, Preacher/Teacher, The Gospel of Christ, The Potter’s Place Church (ministry team Pastors T & T) NV, (-Present)

Ernest Barringer, Co-Pastor, Preacher and Teacher at The Gospel of Christ, The Potter’s Place Church, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of religious and military service.

Mr. Barringer’s career was greatly influenced by his service in the U.S. Navy. He enlisted in the service when he was 18 years old and worked as a missile technician, launching nuclear weapons and also on top secret operations. After completing his service in 2021, he worked as a Manager of Nuclear Weapons at Pantex Plant. Presently, Mr. Barringer finds meaning in his work as a Co-Pastor, Preacher and Teacher at the Gospel of Christ, The Potter’s Place Church in Nevada. He runs the church with his wife, Toni, who is a pastor at the institution.

Mr. Barringer considers one of his greatest qualities that has aided in his success to being a ‘people person.’ He strongly believes that people are the most important asset, which is why he wanted to ensure he was always compliant, ensuring the safety of people and the environment, while meeting all requirements. He was licensed and ordained by Bishop Michael Barringer of The Greater Love Church in Dayton, Ohio. Throughout his career, he has received awards for his work as a nuclear services manager. Mr. Barringer has also been recognized with Navy Achievement Medals, and Two Presidential Awards in Test, Implementation, Evaluations, Readiness to Perform Work from Pantex.

Brent Davis Fraser, FSA Scot

Title: Founder, Leader

Company: Sacramental Life Churches, Inc.

Location: Bainbridge Island, WA

Career History:  Founder, Leader, Sacramental Life Churches, Inc., 2019-Present;

Founder, Natural Healing Church of the Holy Redeemer

Brent Davis Fraser, Founder and Leader of the Sacramental Life Churches, Inc., has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of cannabis and spirituality.

After enduring a divorce, Mr. Fraser found a new love in his line of work after spending some time thinking about existential questions. One of the things he realized was about the different ‘wrongs’ and ‘rights’ of his life. He reached the conclusion that maybe the way he was living was not the best way for him to live. He persistently asked himself what more he could do to help others. Upon meditating on his questions and solutions, he found that he could help others by established a church.

One of the highlights of his career has been finding the Sacramental Life Churches, Inc. When he was in the process of trying to set up a church he has to procure a conditional use permit to use a building in the city because there was a change of use for that building. While it was an arduous process, the city of Gardena permitted that under conditional use Mr. Fraser can operate as a cannabis church free and clear of any legal interference or intervention. That has not happened in the whole United States. In his line of work, Mr. Fraser provides cannabis as a means of healing to help people like veterans and Parkinson’s disease patients. He also coordinates school and clothing drives.

Prior to establishing his place of worship in Washington, Mr. Fraser worked as an actor and was featured among several films between 1985 and 2015. Mr. Fraser is proud of his Scottish, Dutch and Austrian heritage. His heart is rooted in the Highland Clan Fraser of Lovat and Noble family trees on his father’s side. Mr. Fraser was born in Bremerton, raised in Bellingham and began his career as an actor and singer/songwriter in the Seattle live theatre and music scene in 1985. He wrote poetry as a child and learned guitar, harmonica, as well as piano and violin. His first influences were his mother’s favorites-Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Jim Croce and Jackson Browne. His tastes transitioned to pop-radio, hard rock, to David Bowie and new wave, to 80s Glam, to Tom Waits. After moving to Seattle he began working in professional theatre, and as a “busker” at Pike Place Market. He was accepted to The North Carolina School of the Arts but stayed less than a year going back to Seattle to study privately with Mark Jenkins, and to work as a professional actor and musician. He worked repeatedly with The Group Theatre, in plays such as “Tamer of Horses” with William Mastrosimone, and “Tracers” with John DiFusco, but it wasn’t until he landed his first feature film role in Keith Gordon’s, The Chocolate War, that Los Angelenos took notice of his talent and encouraged him to move south. Upon arrival in Los Angeles, he landed a string of starring roles in independent features including Jezebel’s Kiss with Malcolm McDowell, Wild Orchid 2 with Nina Siemaszko and Tom Skerritt, The Dark Side of Genius with Seymour Cassel, Finola Hughes and Moon Zappa, and The Little Death with Dwight Yoakam, J.T.Walsh and Pamela Gidley. He was in David Lynch’s, Wild at Heart with Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern and New Line’s Book of Love with Chris Young and Josie Bissett.

Sacramental Life Churches

Larry Ray Rodgers


Title: Provisional Elder / Board of Directors

Company: United Methodist Church Northwest Texas Conference

Location: Snyder, TX

Education: MA, in Divinity Asbury Theological Seminary (2018)

Career History: Provisional Elder United Methodist Church Northwest Texas Conference (2018-Present);

Board of Directors Kairos Prison Ministry International (1998-present);

Type of Business: Religious Services

Larry Ray Rodgers, Provisional Elder/Board of Directors for the United Methodist Church Northwest Texas Conference, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of religious services.

For more than two decades, Reverend Rodgers has provided ministry services to communities across Texas. He currently preaches at two churches, and is dedicated to sharing his faith with prison inmates. Reverend Rodgers believes he was on the wrong path in life before he heard the call of Jesus and became a minister. He feels his parents instilled a scene of compassion in him. In 2018, he earned a Master of Arts, in Divinity Asbury Theological Seminary. He is a Certified Chaplin with the Texas Department of Corrections. In addition to his service with the United Methodist Church Northwest Texas Conference, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Kairos Prison Ministry International.

Looking toward the future, Reverend Rodgers Larry hopes to still be a pastor and work with inmates. He believes God knows the way for you to prosper and have peace and endeavors to share that message. In addition to his work in ministry, he serves as a United Way volunteer. His hobbies include being with his family and spending time fishing. He credits the success in his career to having many mentors who inspired him and his faith in God.

Reverend Rodgers is happily married to his wife Lillie and together they have two songs and a daughter, and six grandchildren. He has been greatly supported by his parents, James and Bobbie and was born in Dallas, Texas. In addition, he is published among Who’s Who in America.

Pastor Oliver L. Guilford


Title: Preacher

Company: Moving with Jesus Ministries

Location: Perdido Beach, Alabama, United States

Career History: Preacher, Moving with Jesus Ministries International, 1976-Present;

Owner, Guilford Trucking, 1991-2010

Oliver L. Guilford, Preacher of Moving with Jesus Ministries, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of religious services.

Pastor Guilford became involved in his profession of ministry in order to assist families that are moving and offered consultation services to the drivers. It serves in helping people to build a relationship with the Lord. He realized that moving is such a monumental change in people’s lives, and as exciting this change could be, it can also be filled with uncertainty. He launched Moving with Jesus Ministries in 1976 and has been helping families in transition ever since.

In addition to helping families during their times of transition, Pastor Guilford was able to identify and address their needs in more ways than just spiritual. He founded, owned and operated Guilford Trucking from 1991 to 2010 and has been able to use his experience as a preacher, teacher and business operator in all facets of his life and career. Above all his accomplishments, Pastor Guilford’s career highlight that stood out the most is being a preacher of the Gospel and a man of God, who has a great desire to love people the way the Lord does.

Pastor Guilford selfish work has also been recognized during his time with the U.S. Army. He served for more than 12 years and received a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. In five years, Pastor Guilford endeavors to continue doing what the Lord planned for him; to continue preaching his word to others, and to grow the ministry. His only plan is to serve his Father in whatever capacity he wants to use him. Most optimistically, he sees a lot of travel in his future as a sign of better things to come.

Rev. Darryl Allen Tate


Title: Reverend

Company: United Methodist Church

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Education:  MA, Master of Divinity, Louisiana State University, Perkins School of Theology, Fairfax, 1993; BA, Theology, Southern Methodist University

Career History: Multiple Line Insurance, Ourso Insurance & Financial Service, Incorporated, LA, 2018 – present; Pastor, Rayville United Methodist Church, 2012 – present; President/CEO, Louisiana United Methodist Church Disaster Incorporated, 2005 – present; Pastor, Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church, 1978 – present;

Type of Business: Religious Services

Darryl AllenTate, Reverend at the United Methodist Church, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of faith and religious services.

Rev. Tate got his calling to the ministry when he was 12 years old. He was able to start in his first church at 17 years old. On Palm Sunday in 1972, he was confirmed in the church and baptized. By Easter of that year, he had a burning desire to preach the word of Christ. At that time, Rev. Tate’s pastor, Robert Crislow, became his mentor, and took him under his wing, and by age 14, he had his own set of keys to the church. He furthered explored the teachings of his faith by earning a Bachelor of Arts in theology from Southern Methodist University. He continued at the Perkins School of Theology at Louisiana State University to receive a Master of Arts and Master of Divinity in 1993.

In Rev. Tate’s line of work, he is focused on evangelism, building relationships and teaching. Attributing his success to God and his family, he further illuminates that “God did it all….” He had great parents and great support throughout his life. Since 1978, Rev. Tate has been a pastor at the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church. He became the president and CEO of the Louisiana Methodist Church Disaster Incorporated in 2005, and in 2012 became a pastor for the Rayville United Methodist Church. In addition to his faith-based work, Rev. Tate has worked with multiple lie insurance with Ourso Insurance & Financial Service, Incorporated since 2018.

Recognized for his abilities in providing faith and evangelism services to his community, Rev. Tate has received several accolades. These accounts of achievement include the Harry Dinmin Evangelist Award in 2016 and the Preacher of the Year Award from the Louisiana Moral Civic Foundation in 1992. In his spare time, he spends time in his civic duties with St. Jude, the Heart Association and the Susan B. Komen Foundation. He maintains membership with Kiwanis International and was previously a president of Rotary Club International. Furthermore, Rev. Tate has been involved with the 32nd Degree Mason, as a Master Mason of the Lodge and as a state chaplain for the Masons. He served as a high school football official for 16 years.