Joyce Lynne Lacey

NAME: Joyce Lynne Lacey

Title: Director

Company: June Lynne Lacey Foundation

Location: Minnesota

Education: AA in General Studies, Minnesota State; BA in Communication, University of Minnesota, Morris; LB, Bible College of the Seminary

Career History: Pastor, Joyce Lacey Ministries (2020-Present);

Director, June Lynne Lacey Foundation (2019-Present)

Joyce Lynne Lacey, Director at June Lynne Lacey Foundation, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of public health services.

Since 2019, Ms. Lacey has dedicated herself to providing support and supplies—such as meals, groceries, and necessities—to caregivers and the vulnerable adults, children, and other family members they assist. Through the June Lynne Lacey Foundation, an organization founded in the aftermath of her mother’s death, she and her colleagues strive to ensure that the health care needs of individuals are not dismissed and their basic human rights are upheld—no matter their circumstances. She became motivated to help others in this capacity after her mother, June—a model, advocate, public speaker, and volunteer, among several other roles—experienced numerous traumas while placed, against her will, in a nursing home hundreds of miles from home before her passing. This harrowing period felt by Ms. Lacey, her mother, and her family led to her initiative in getting the word out about what vulnerable people are more apt to suffer through.

Additionally motivated by her faith, Ms. Lacey has served as a pastor and ordained minister at Joyce Lacey Ministries since 2020—through which she takes pride in communicating God’s messages to people who are then able to apply the teachings to their everyday lives. It has been her faith that gives her the strength to carry on when discouraged, especially while working to help elderly and disabled people in need through the foundation. Her ultimate goal is to play a role in passing “The June Lynn Lacey Bill” that would protect seniors who are under guardianship. Outside of her primary endeavors, she is active as the outreach vice president of the Minnesota Council for the Navy League of the United States and, in recognition of her services, has earned the Freedom Resource Center Leadership Award; KSTP Everyday Hero Award; WCCO Volunteer of the Year; St. Paul Saints Community Service Award; and Minnesota State Fair 50-Year Award.

Reynaldo Delua

Title: Lead Investigator

Company: Harlingen Police Department

Location: Texas

Career History: Lead Investigator (Hit & Run), Harlingen Police Department (2021-Present);

With, Texas Best Practice;

Investigator (Hit & Run), Harlingen Police Department (12 years);

Traffic Enforcer, Harlingen Police Department;

Patrolman, Harlingen Police Department (1982-1988)

Reynaldo Delua, Lead Investigator at Harlingen Police Department, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of law enforcement.

For 40 years, Mr. Delua has dedicated his life to law enforcement and providing justice to the people of Texas through his several roles within the Harlingen Police Department—and it all began with a pleasant interaction with an officer when he was 12 years old. Walking home one day after missing the school bus, he was approached by a police officer in a car who offered to drive him the rest of the way. Moved by that simple act of kindness, he was inspired to follow in the man’s footsteps and pay that same compassion forward to others in need.

The first in his family to graduate from high school and attend college, Mr. Delua did not complete his bachelor’s degree but strongly values education and studying hard in order to obtain one’s goals. He began as a patrolman for the Harlingen Police Department from 1982 to 1988 before getting involved in traffic enforcement. An investigator of hit and runs for several years, he eventually became lead investigator in 2021—a position in which he monitors investigations; calls people involved in cases and accidents; and works as an accident reconstructionist who uncovers through a scientific approach how and why an accident occurred. He has also lent his expertise to the Texas Police Chief Association’s Best Practices Recognition Program, serves as a police liaison for the Harlingen Area Crime Stoppers, and was a former volunteer instructor and trainer for the American Red Cross. Immensely proud of serving the public as part of the community, he has been integral in saving countless lives, including a man who had a heart attack while eating at a restaurant and a child.

In recognition of his commitment to public service, Mr. Ddelua received the Judge Appreciation Award for Setting a Good Example by Citywide Children in 2003. He attributes his success to colleagues in the police force and living by the motto “Never give up and never surrender.” Now 62, and married since 1987 with two children, he looks forward to completing his career on a good note.

Dee Jones

Title: Founder

Company: Jump Ahead L3C

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Education: Coursework, Ferris State University, 2016-2017;

Coursework in Business Management, Grand Rapids Community College, 2013-2015

Career History: President Of Operations, Urban Youth Summer Basketball League, 2019-Present;

Founder, Vice President, Jump Ahead L3C, 2018-Present;

Chief Executive Officer, Rose’s Astroid Co. LLC 2018-Present

Brand Ambassador, Kannaway, 2018-Present;

Brand Affiliate, Nu Skin Enterprises, 2018-Present;

Sponsored Athlete, Brand Ambassador, Unchained Muscle, 2018-Present;

Brand Affiliate, Elegant Kings, 2018-Present;

Independent Business Owner, Vasayo, 2018-Present;

Marketing Executive, Melaleuca: The Wellness Company, 2018-Present;


Independent Fundraising Representative, Neighbor’s Cookies, 2017-Present;

Sales and Marketing Specialist, Uncommon Consulting, 2020

Dee Jones, Founder of Jump Ahead L3C, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of social impact.

Mr. Jones became involved in the organization because he is passionate about helping others, particularly the underserved in the community. He began working as a crew member for Steepletown Neighborhood Services, a non-profit organization until he was offered the apprenticeship program in the LEAD Program. In 2018, he received a grant for $10,000 in partnership with the City of Grand Rapids, which he used to launch Jump Ahead L3C, a hybrid for-profit and nonprofit organization. The mission of the organization is aimed at aiding youth, young adults, and adults to give them workforce development training and job training. He started the company in 2018 and became incorporated in 2019. Since launching the initiative, his most notable achievements include recognition from Forbes Magazine in 2020 and earning the Community Hustle of the Year Award from Respect the Hustle. Furthermore, Mr. Jones’ co-authored book, “Winner’s Mindset: Peak Performance Strategies for Success,” debuted as one of the best-selling books on Amazon in five different categories on the first day of its release.

Mr. Jones is excited about the growth he sees for his company in the next five years. He endeavors to expand his community centers and help underserved people receive workplace training and development. Mr. Jones is well prepared for this work and has received the certifications for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workspace and Global Emerging Trends and Retail Management from the University of South Florida to support his goals. Additionally, he holds a certification in Public Advocacy 101 Racial Equity in Public Policy Session and State Budget Advocacy. Mr. Jones is also actively involved as the President of Operations for the Urban Youth Summer Basketball League, as Chief Executive Officer of Rose’s Asteroid Co. LLC, as a brand ambassador for Kannaway and Unchained Muscle, as a brand affiliate for Elegant Kinds, as an independent business owner for Vasayo, as a marketing executive for Melaleuca: The Wellness Company, Neighbor’s Cookies, and Steepletown Neighborhood Services.

Jump Ahead 3LC

Amber M. Lynch, AICP

female no photo

Title: Executive Director

Company: Invest DSM

Location: Des Moines, Illinois, United States

Education: MA in Community & Regional Planning, Iowa State University, 2009;

BA in Spanish, Luther College (2003)

Career History: Executive Director, Invest DSM, 2019-Present;

City Planner for City Revitalization Division Program, City of Des Moines, Iowa, 2009-2019

Amber Lynch, Executive Director of Invest DSM, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for her contributions and achievements in the field of urban planning.

Mrs. Lynch became involved in her profession after recognizing an interest in how places are created. During her undergraduate studies, she took courses in anthropology and traveled with her Spanish degree. She became interested in how history leaves its mark on the built environment and how one can learn so much about a society from the places that they leave behind. Planning allows her to help shape the future of a place, which affects the way we live our lives. Mrs. Lynch loves to involve people in creating that change and sense of ownership over where they live. She has utilized these skills and expertise in her current role as Executive Director of Invest DSM since 2019.

Prior to taking on her current role, Mrs. Lynch served as a city planner in the Neighborhood Development Division at the City of Des Moines, Iowa from 2009 to 2019. She was guided to work in these capacities by first earning a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Luther College in 2003 and continuing in her academic pursuits to receive a Master of Community and Regional Planning from Iowa State University in 2009. Her work has resulted in receiving such accolades as the Better Together Award from the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation, a Partner in Service award from AARP Iowa, and being included on the Des Moines’ Register’s People to Watch list for 2020. She maintains a connection to her field with the American Institute of Certified Planners and the American Planning Association, where she served on the Iowa Chapter Board from 2011 to 2019. Mrs. Lynch currently serves on the Steering Committee for the national Middle Neighborhoods Initiative.

Mrs. Lynch’s career highlight that stood out the most is managing the project that led to the creation of Invest DSM. This required presenting hard truths, navigating difficult conversations and politics, and making the case for a new approach with substantial new resources. It has resulted in the opportunity to build a new non-profit organization taking an innovative approach to neighborhood economic development, with exciting potential to reimagine revitalization work. Looking toward the future, Mrs. Lynch wants Invest DSM to learn, grow, and continue making an impact in the field, showing other communities what is possible. She endeavors to meet more individuals who are passionate about uplifting local communities and coordinating efforts to develop and improve people’s lives.

Rachel Lenz

female no photo

Title: Executive Director

Company: Macomb Park District

Location: Macomb, Illinois, United States

Education: MS in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Administration, Western Illinois University, 2012;

BS in Recreational Therapy, Western Illinois University, 2009

Career History: Executive Director, Macomb Park District, Illinois, 2017-Present;

Superintendent of Facilities & Special Events, Macomb Park District, Macomb, 2014-2016;

Director, McDonough County Special Recreation Association, 2009-2014;

Camp Coordinator, Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association, 2009

Rachel Lenz, Executive Director of the Macomb Park District, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of public parks and recreation.

Mrs. Lenz was inspired to go into her profession after attending a mission trip in Wisconsin for a summer camp. She was able to work on service projects in recreation and found the work to not only be incredibly rewarding but to be filled with working with wonderful people. She continued exploring this passion in college and completed an internship in Chicago at a special recreation association. It was during this time, she received a great experience and a better feeling of the field. After her graduation, she was able to build a new position for herself and worked on engaging the community with the program, which for the long haul will be a strong organization.

Driven to help others in her community, Mrs. Lenz first earned a Bachelor of Science in recreational therapy from Western Illinois University in 2009. She continued her pursuits of the field at the institution, receiving a Master of Science in recreation, park, and tourism administration in 2012. She began gaining experience in the field as a camp coordinator with the North Illinois Special Recreation Association in 2009. From there, she fulfilled the role of director for the McDonough County Special Recreation Association from 2009 to 2014. From there, Mrs. Lenz joined the Macomb Park District as a superintendent of facilities and special events and was promoted to her current role, as executive director, in 2017. In her daily responsibilities, Mrs. Lenz exhibits her skills and expertise with the leisure industry, therapeutic recreation, student development, event development, community outreach, and facility management.

Mrs. Lenz enjoys the work she does every day and R attributes her success to the amazing people she has worked with, who have given her the tools and guidance along the way. She is also grateful for her professors and mentors, who have invested their teachings and time in her. With a strong academic foundation and tenacious spirit at work, Mrs. Lenz has received the Business Leader of the Year from the Macomb Chamber of Commerce in 2018 and Graduate of the Last Decade Award in 2017. Furthermore, she maintains professional affiliation with the National Recreation and Park Association, the Illinois Association of Park Districts, the Macomb County Rotary Club and the Macomb Area Chamber of Commerce.

Macomb Park District