Paityn R. Jansen

Title: Project Engineer

Company: Holland Construction Services

Location: Swansea, IL

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management, Minor in Business Administration, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (2022); Diploma, Central Community High School

Career History: Project Engineer, Holland Construction Services (2022-Present); Project Engineer (Intern), Holland Construction Services (2021-2022); Completed Four Other Internships with Various Construction Companies

Paityn R. Jansen, Project Engineer at Holland Construction Services, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of construction.

Upon graduating from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a bachelor’s degree in construction management and a minor in business administration in 2022, Ms. Jansen began her career as a project engineer for Holland Construction Services. Based in Swansea, Illinois, the construction management, general contracting, and design/build firm provides high-quality services to a wide range of clients—working on everything from hospitals to schools to apartment buildings and more. In her role, Ms. Jansen supports the firm’s project manager in accomplishing projects—a recent one being the additional construction and interior renovation work at the MidAmerica St. Louis Airport—writes requests for information, is involved in the construction submittal process, organizes agendas and takes minutes for company meetings, and sends weekly updates.

From an early age, Ms. Jansen’s love of buildings set her on her eventual professional path. In high school, she took drafting and construction classes, which developed her determination and passion for the field and cemented her decision to pursue a career in it—bringing her to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. It was at her alma mater where she gained numerous networking and scholarship opportunities—one of her scholarships was from the National Association of Women in Construction—and an Outstanding Junior Award for Construction Management. She also gained internship experience across various construction companies, one of which was Holland, first cutting her teeth there from 2021 to 2022. Upon reflection, she considers her first time at a job site to be a notable highlight in her young career; she enjoyed the writing and review process surrounding projects and eventually took over the responsibilities of a project manager, who was on leave for a number of weeks, during which she gained valuable construction management experience. Ms. Jansen strives to one day become a project manager.

Outside of her primary career endeavors, she volunteers with BCDC, a local organization focused on giving back through community events. When she isn’t working, Ms. Jansen enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her dog, Lucky.

Blaine P. Singer

Title: Owner

Company: Custom Builder Blaine

Location: Iowa

Education: College Coursework in Home Inspection (2005)

Career History: Owner, Lawn Mowing Business (2021-Present);

Factory Worker, Livestock Water Barrel Company (2020-Present);

Custom Builder, Remodeling Houses (1985-2020)

Blaine P. Singer, Owner at Custom Builder Blaine, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of construction.

Attributing his success to a natural craft and dedication to his work in remodeling, home building, and lawn care, Mr. Singer first found success in his industry in 1985 at 19 years old when he started a construction business wherein he built houses. Without formal training, he gained knowledge by reading a lot of books about construction—and began with roofing, decking, and framing. In these early years, he would take note of his customer’s houses and cars and gauge his pricing based on their financial situation in order to be completely fair and considerate of what they could or could not afford. In 1990, he moved to Iowa, where he built a five plex condominium during the state’s “Great Flood of 1993.” Despite the challenging circumstances, he and a few others were able to construct the condos perfectly according to plan—and they remain standing to this day.

In 2005, Mr. Singer completed college coursework in home inspection and, after many more years in his trade, he found that his eyes and shoulders were no longer up for the rigorous workload. Since 2020, he has served as a factory worker at Livestock Water Barrel Company, and became the owner of a lawn mowing business the following year. Compassionate toward his employees, co-workers, and customers, he has always aspired to create a good work environment and provide help to anyone who needs it. For instance, he prepares his van, picks up his hired workers who may not have transportation access, drives them to the work site, and buys food for them when they can’t afford it.

Looking toward the future, he hopes to one day enjoy retirement, much of which will be spent camping in the woods.

Brian Vincent Monaco

Title: Business Development Manager of Mining, Construction, and Regional Rentals

Company: DEUTZ Corporation

Location: Georgia

Education: Associate in Mechanics and Repair, Nashville Auto Diesel College (2006)

Career History: Business Development Manager, Construction, Mining, & Regional Rental, DEUTZ Corporation (2021-Present); Failure Analysis Supervisor, DEUTZ Corporation (2018-2021); Warranty Process Technician, DEUTZ Corporation (2016-2018); Engine/Production Quality Management, DEUTZ Corporation (2011-2016); Engine Technician, DEUTZ Corporation (2007-2011)

Brian Vincent Monaco, Business Development Manager at DEUTZ Corporation, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the fields of mechanics, machinery, and administration.

Mr. Monaco gravitated toward his profession while in high school, where he developed a passion for working in mechanics. He knew it made for a lucrative career with job stability and so he stayed on the path. Additionally, his parents were integral in shaping his success by teaching him to be independent, self-sufficient, and hardworking, as well as being supportive of his interests since childhood. In his academic pursuits, he earned an Associate in Applied Science in Mechanics and Repair at Nashville Auto-Diesel College in 2006 before joining DEUTZ Corporation, the world’s oldest diesel company, the following year.

For the first few years, Mr. Monaco served as an engine technician before advancing to the division of engine and production quality management from 2011 to 2016. He then excelled as a warranty process technician from 2016 to 2018 and failure analysis supervisor from 2018 to 2021. Having proved himself time and time again as a leader at the company—he was instrumental in streamlining its time-consuming shipping and analysis process—he has since found success as the business development manager of construction, mining, and regional rental. In this position, he is responsible for mining segments in a wide range of areas, from Canada to South America.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Monaco aspires to continue making a difference at the company and rising to the position of senior business development manager. In his free time, he enjoys working on cars and playing music. Prior to being recognized among Marquis Emerging Leaders, his skills in the field were honored when he received a Craftsman Award while a student at college. While driven and dedicated with a strong work ethic, Mr. Monaco hopes to be remembered for being funny and easy to be around.

Robi L. Sykes

Title: Owner/Operator

Company: 90 Degree Construction

Location: Swansea, IL

Education: Bachelor’s, Carpenter Union Trade School

Career History: Owner/Operator, 90 Degree Construction, 2012-Present; Freelance, 4-5 years; Field Supervisor, Home Builder, 2002-2008

Robi Sykes, Owner and Operator of 90 Degree Construction, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of carpentry.

Since 2012, Mr. Sykes has owned and operated his business, 90 Degree Construction. Leveraging more than two decades of experience, Mr. Sykes is proud of his work in residential and commercial carpentry, structural framing, and new homes framework and trim. In his managerial role, his daily responsibilities include estimating, running, and building jobs; doing layouts; doing paperwork such as submitting invoices; and meeting clients.

Mr. Sykes prepared for his career by earning a bachelor’s degree from the Carpenter Union Trade School. Prior to launching his own endeavor, he worked freelance for 5 years and served as a field supervisor for Home Builder from 2002 to 2008. Mr. Sykes attributes his success to his motivation and persistence. He has a healthy work ethic and has applied this to all of his endeavors.

Throughout Mr. Sykes’ career, his most notable achievement is being one of the very few small minority-owned companies in St. Louis, MO and Illinois. He is looking forward to expanding his growth within his areas of expertise. In the next five years, Mr. Sykes’ goal is to take on more commercial contracts and become more self-sustained than being a contractor for other builders. He feels his growth has been supported by surrounding himself around other like-minded people who are striving to do better for their selves with big dreams and people who do not mind collaboration and sharing valuable information with him.

Karen Clayton

Karen ClaytonTitle: Business Owner

Company: One World Mexican Tile

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Career History: Owner, One World Tile Company, Arizona 2020;

Sales, Manager, One World Tile Company, Arizona, 2015-2020;

Sales, One World Mexican Tile, Arizona, 2009-2015;

Sales, Mexican Tile Company, 2004-2009;

Sales, Infinity Floor Coverings Inc., 2006-2007

Karen M. Clayton, Business Owner of One World Mexican Tile, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field.

Shortly after garnering experience in the tile industry at Infinity Floor Coverings Inc. in 2006, Ms. Clayton brought her talents to the Mexican Tile Company in Phoenix, Arizona. The company specializes in importing various handmade and hand-painted Mexican tile. When the Covid-19 pandemic posed a threat to the business, Ms. Clayton took it upon herself to save the business from closing by becoming the owner. In this respect, she utilizes her experience in sales along with an extremely creative side that has worked on many projects consisting of murals, mosaics, tables, custom works and more.

As a business owner, Ms. Clayton handles the Mexican tiles and all there is to do with floor tile and Talavera decorative tile. She deals with contractors who are both in the residential and commercial business sectors. She is passionate about the material and the talent that is involved in making the tiles. The tiles are all handmade and she loves working with them. She credits her success to the ideals supported by her motto, “Be honest, work hard, and you’ll make it.”


Press Release

Tyler R. Goldman


Title: Partner, Construction and Financial Analyst

Company: Wolf Multifamily Investments, The Sapir Organization

Location: New York, NY

Education: MA in Real Estate Finance, New York University (2019); BS in Finance, Tulane University (2015)

Career History: Partner, Construction & Finance Analyst, The Sapir Organization, New York (2019-Present); Project Manager, Klaracon, New York (2018); Associate, Acquisitions, & Development, DHA Capital LLC, New York (2017-2018); Owner’s Representative, 44 CSP LLC, New York (2016-2017); Investment Analyst, Stonehenge Management, New York (2015-2016); Acquisitions Analyst, Lubert Adler Real Estate Funds (2015); Production Assistant, ASIG LLC, Connecticut (2013); Assistant Account Manager, Deutsch Inc., New York (2012)

Type of Business: Finance, Construction

Tyler R. Goldman, Partner and Construction and Financial Analyst at Wolf Multifamily Investments and the Sapir Organization, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of finance and construction.

Backed by years of expertise in financial analysis, marketing and strategic planning, Mr. Goldman serves as a partner with Wolf Multifamily Investments, and a construction and finance analyst for the Sapir Organization. Since joining the company in 2019, he has notably created a project database and budgeting tool that analyzes previous project performances in order to predict future cost timelines, and conducted a real estate market study to determine a new market that is feasible for large-scale real estate development. Additionally, Mr. Goldman handles marketing, public relations and advertising for a condominium project that is expected to sell for more than $400 million.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Goldman gained valuable experience in finance as a project manager with Klaracon, an associate in acquisitions and development with DHA Capital, and an owner’s representative with 44 CSP LLC. During his tenure with these companies, he supervised several multi-family and retail renovation projects in excess of $300 million, and led the acquisition of an $81 million multi-family rental apartment building in regard to underwriting, fundraising and due diligence. Earlier, he worked for such companies as Stonehenge Management, Lubert Adler Real Estate Funds, ASIG and Deutsch Inc. In a career filled with highlights, Mr. Goldman is especially proud of his own professional development in recent years.

An expert in his field, Mr. Goldman earned a Bachelor of Science in finance from Tulane University in 2015 and a Master of Arts in real estate finance from New York University in 2019. Outside of his primary responsibilities, he remains professionally affiliated with the YJK Organization and Urban Land Institute of New York, and contributes to his community as an active member of a small local charity. Looking ahead, Mr. Goldman intends to expand his portfolio in assets, improve his already impressive track record with investors and become an angel investor.

Francesco F.S. Pizzuto


Title: Owner

Company: Imagine Renovations

Location: Chattanooga, TN

Education: GED

Career History: Owner, Chattanooga Urban Getaway (2015-Present); Owner, Imagine Renovations (2001-Present)

Type of Business: Contracting

Francesco F.S. Pizzuto, Owner at Imagine Renovations, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of contracting.

Growing up in Argentina and Europe, Mr. Pizzuto was raised to understand the value of hard work. He began working at the age of 9, in which he sold trinkets with his younger brother. Immigrating to the United States at 19 years old, he began cleaning bathrooms, washing cars, selling donuts and cooking in restaurants in an effort to make ends meet. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Pizzuto became more involved in the restaurant industry and soon gained more responsibility as he rose up the ranks.

After a career setback, Mr. Pizzuto became acquainted with his future wife, who offered to let him live with her if he worked on several projects at her house. This solidified his involvement in home renovations and restoration. Subsequently, he established Imagine Renovations in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 2001, where he now excels as the owner. Mr. Pizzuto also offers his real estate expertise as the owner of Chattanooga Urban Getaway, where he rents out vintage trailers such as Airstreams, Avions, Spartans and Vagabonds.

In his current positions, Mr. Pizzuto offers expert remodeling services to customers looking for work on their homes. Throughout his career, he has been proudest of the work he has completed on several houses in the St. Elmo district, which were historic buildings that he rebuilt back to their original glory. As an active member of his community, Mr. Pizzuto often volunteers his time with his local church. He has attributed his success in life to his ability to listen to others and remain humble through all of his victories.