Alina Nevradakis

Title: Owner

Company: Tiny Treasures Academy

Location: Staten Island, NY

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Marketing, Management Information Systems, DePaul University (2009)

Career History: Owner, Founder, Tiny Treasures Academy (2021-Present);

Senior Product Manager, Celgene (2019-Present);

Product Manager, Celgene (2017-Present);

Account Director, PALIO (2015-Present);

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Amgen (2019-2022);

Account Supervisor, Closerlook, Inc. (2012-2015);

Account Manager, Eshots, Inc. (2010-2012);

Senior Account Coordinator, Eshots, Inc. (2009-2010);

Account Coordinator, Eshots, Inc. (2005-2009)


Alina Nevradakis, Owner at Tiny Treasures Academy, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of child care.

After more than a decade of professional experience in medicine, pharmaceuticals, and marketing—through which she developed educational materials, trained doctors on new medicine, and led staff—Ms. Nevradakis combined her expertise to focus on helping children and fPALIamilies. Since 2021, she has been the owner and founder of Tiny Treasures Academy, a Staten Island-based organization that provides compassionate child care, wellness, and development to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in a happy and education-filled environment. A mother herself and pregnant with her second child before the launch of the academy, she saw firsthand how much of a struggle it was to find a quality daycare in and around her community; she strived for a quality center for not just her children, but families all around her. So, among its many goals, the academy strives to help families, young families with young kids, and mothers to continue their careers—all by creating a safe space and putting people at ease. Only a year into operation, the academy currently helps 50 children a day and a total of 70 families; accommodating as many people in need of help as they can and opening their doors to the community, she says, has been the highlight of her career.

Amidst her various responsibilities in her leadership role, Ms. Nevradakis guides, motivates, and takes care of her staff of assembled early childhood professionals and experts, wellness coaches, and those who work directly with the families. She has also met with elected officials and community members about the importance of early childhood education and supporting child care in their neighborhood. In addition, she has served as a senior product manager at Celgene since 2019 and an account director at PALIO since 2015. She began her professional journey at Eshots, Inc., ascending from account coordinator to account manager between 2005 and 2012; served as an account supervisor at Closerlook, Inc. from 2012 to 2015, and was a senior product marketing manager at Amgen from 2019 to 2022.

While establishing herself in the corporate workforce, Ms. Nevradakis earned her bachelor’s degree in integrated marketing and management information systems from DePaul University in 2009. Later, in the lead-up to starting her business, she added to her credentials by obtaining Entrepreneurship Assistance Program Certification, Early Childhood Certification, and First Aid and CPR. Building her organization from the ground up wasn’t easy and took a lot of work, reaching out to families and community members, and numerous groups within the field to aid in the formation of Tiny Treasures Academy—affiliating herself in the process with the Staten Island Business Outreach Center and Minority and Women=-owned Business Enterprise.

Considering it “a calling,” she feels as though she was always being pushed in this professional direction. Looking toward the future, she strives to achieve and maintain a level of quality for her daycare that makes families feel supported and proud of where their children go. She would also love to expand to more locations in and outside of Staten Island. Speaking to those with dreams and ideas and a purpose, Ms. Nevradakis urged, “Just get started.”

Shawanna Hanson

Title: Owner, Operator

Company: Little Blessings Daycare LLC

Location: Seymour, MO

Education: CDA, Ashworth College 2017 & Drury College Springfield Mo. (Not Applicable 2017-2017)

Career History: Owner/Operator, Little Blessings Daycare LLC (2015-Present)

Shawanna Hanson, Owner and Operator at Little Blessings Daycare LLC, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of child care.

Since 2015, Ms. Hanson has led a renowned, Missouri-based child care center that serves to educate and help children in a faith-driven environment—where she runs the day-to-day business operations, pays the bills, hires and manages the staff, and keeps up with all the necessary licensing rules and regulations, among other duties. Attributing her success to the quality of care that she and her colleagues provide the children at Little Blessings Daycare LLC—raising the bar in her field—she has been proud of shaping the next generation and serving as a pillar in her community.

Growing up, Ms. Hanson was raised by a single mother who raised six children—from whom she learned the importance of a strong work ethic. It was seven years ago that she became inspired to start her organization; the mother of two herself, she experienced the sadness of having to leave her children at a preschool, a sentiment shared by the other parents, all of whom sought another place to send their kids. With that in mind, she saw a real need for another option. Additionally, she said that God spoke to her to bring a ministry to the community. She started out with four children at the center and today has 48. Ms. Hanson earned a Child Development Associate certification from Ashworth College in 2017 and, in recognition of her communal impact, received Readers’ Choice Award from Marshfield Mail in 2021.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Hanson aims to continue managing her business well and ultimately retire. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family—including her husband, Jesse, and two daughters, Jessica and Jasmine—camping, and kayaking.