Todd Williams


Title: Owner

Company: Williams Service Center, Tire and Alignment

Location: Iuka, MS

Career History: Owner, Williams Service Center, Tire and Alignment, 1995-Present;

Owner, Farm Ranch-Cattle

Todd Williams, Owner of Williams Service Center, Tire and Alignment, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field auto repair shop.

It was a turn of fortune for Mr. Williams when he graduated high school in 1995, the same year his father bought out the auto shop. Since then, he has worked at and become the owner of the Williams Service Center, Tire and Alignment. His business is a full-service gas shop (regular and diesel) and tire and repair shop, including front-end alignment and oil changes. Mr. Williams specializes in all things car care and maintenance.

The career highlight that stands out the most for Mr. Williams is being successful and self-employed. In this respect, he gets to choose how much time he is willing to put in. He knows his success is based on how much he puts into the business and how well he takes care of his clients. In addition to working at his auto repair shop, Mr. Williams enjoys his time spent at his cattle ranch.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Williams endeavors to retire from the store and work at his cattle farm full-time. He also wants to see more of the country such as Niagara Falls in New York. Community-driven, he donates to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital and to the Little League, and proudly sponsors local schools.