Bethany K. Peterson

Title: 1) Environmental Services Worker 2) Agent

Company: 1) Sanford Health 2) Amway

Location: Bemidji, MN

Education: AA in Performance, Bemidji State University (2017); Coursework, Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute (2004); Master Degree Coursework; Associate Degree Coursework in Violin, Teaching and Piano

Career History: Agent, Amway (2022-Present); Environmental Services Worker, Same Day Surgery, Sanford Health (2005-Present); Housecleaner (1999-Present), Joe Lueken (1999-2004); Violin and Piano Teacher, Private Practice; With, Local Strawberry Patch, John Lauderbaugh

Bethany K. Peterson, Environmental Services Worker at Sanford Health and Agent at Amway, has been recognized as a Marquis Emerging Leader for their contributions and achievements in the field of health care.

Attributing her success to a strong foundation through her faith in God, dedication to the church, and her parents, who valued the importance of homeschooling, Ms. Peterson has worked hard across numerous industries, including education—hoping to one day achieve her dream of becoming a full-time teacher. A violin and piano instructor through a private practice, a house cleaner since 1999, and an environmental services worker at Sanford Health since 2005, she also joined Amway as an agent in May 2022, where she continues to build her skills. In addition to her primary roles, she has volunteered as a teacher at a Sunday school through Richwood Baptist Church and is a choir member who has performed in France, Switzerland, Germany, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Grenada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada.

Ms. Peterson has studied associate degree-level coursework in violin, teaching, and piano, master’s degree coursework, and then completed coursework at Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute in 2004. In 2017, she earned an Associate of Arts in performance from Bemidji State University. She considers one of the highlights of her career to be working 52 hours a week while attending a specialized school for a year, competing with all the other students. While she has always had a passion for music, she found it difficult to put in the time to practice in the midst of her other responsibilities. Her goal is to complete her degrees and begin to teach children, which she has always felt a calling to do.

As she continues on her professional journey, Ms. Peterson will be guided by her motto to “Have God first in everything because then everything else will prosper.”

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